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Introducing ZorForum: A New Tool for Franchisors

Oct 26, 2021 7:12:51 AM Franchisors

When I was a franchisor, there were few things as valuable to me as the executive business owner peer group I belonged to - I was a member for more than 25 years! I found the group to be both really valuable and fun, as it gave me the opportunity to share ideas, problem solve and find support among like-minded professionals. It made such a big difference in my career and many of those people are good friends today. 

Those connections were priceless to me - which is why I was so excited to not only hear about the launch of the new ZorForum franchise, but to be invited as their very first franchisee.

If you aren’t yet familiar with ZorForum, let me give you some background: it’s a forum for franchisor executives to come together, share ideas and learn from each other in an organized, facilitated way. Each month, group participants gather together on a private Zoom call to collaborate, ask questions and talk about issues they’re experiencing in their business. Outside of the call, they have 24/7 online access to each other via our exclusive Slack channel - as well as the ability to learn and share across the entire ZorForum network. Through this process, participants are able to accelerate their learning curve and avoid potentially costly mistakes they might have made otherwise. 

How ZorForum Works

As I mentioned earlier, when you join ZorForum as a Member, you’ll be placed into a group of like-minded professionals that you’ll meet with monthly. When selecting you for one of my groups, I’ll take into account the size of the organization you belong to, the brand category and your personal style. Brand category is particularly important, as we want to have exclusivity and full confidence - your confidentiality is assured! I have two groups already up and running, and am starting to build groups 3 and 4, so I can manage any potential category conflicts easily!

During these 3-hour group meetings, I’ll serve as the moderator and use the agenda and structure to drill into the issues being presented and solved by the Members. The goal isn’t just to treat the problems or symptoms, but to cure the illness or solve the root cause of the issues.

Members can also look forward to the occasional outside presenter, as well as in-person events so that we can get to know each other on a more personal level. Plans are already in the works with my current groups to meet at the IFA Convention in February. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it there!

If this at all sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to reach out. It’s very affordable at $495 per month, and there’s no big commitment to join, as it’s month to month. My guess is that you’ll see the VALUE right away and stick with us! 

As someone who has both been involved in the franchise industry and peer groups for a long time, this is something I’ve been waiting for! I’m very excited to be a ZorForum franchisee and look forward to having you on board as a new group Member. For franchisors who want to take their success to the next level, these groups are a very powerful tool.

I’m actively filling the two groups I have, and would love to see you included. To learn more, please send a message or give me a call, anytime.

John Francis

Written by John Francis

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