by John Francis

Countdown to the 2022 IFA Convention (We’re Back!)

Feb 8, 2022 8:00:00 AM Franchise Conferences

Get ready…the in-person IFA Convention is finally back!

Everyone in franchising is gearing up for this year’s IFA Annual Convention. This will be the first in-person IFA event since the 2020 convention in Orlando, Florida - and the first major international franchising event since the pandemic started.

The event kicks off on Friday, February 25 at the Convention Center in sunny San Diego California. As you probably know (and I’ve written about before), this is the Superbowl of franchising - and I expect everybody who’s anybody to make the trip out there for this year’s event. 

Bring a notebook for the educational sessions, as well as your business cards and tennis shoes. You might also want to catch up on your rest now - you’re going to need it! I think we’re all ready for a party, and I’m expecting this year’s event to be even more chaotic than usual. I can already feel the increased energy when I talk to friends and colleagues about the event. After two years away, we’re ready to celebrate.

On a more personal note, this will be the first IFA Convention where I won’t be able to include my mom, who passed away in December. Her and my dad are IFA Hall of Famers - not an easy thing to achieve! Even in the past few years when her declining health prevented her from attending the event, I would take a selfie in front of the IFA Hall of Fame wall with the picture of her and my dad behind me. Then I’d look forward to following up with a phone call to fill her in on the convention, as well as her friends who I saw and who said to pass along a “hello.”

My parents are IFA legends for all the contributions they made to the industry during their long and successful careers. I know I won’t be alone in missing them during this year’s event and plan to raise a glass in their honor. I invite you to do the same. 

If you want more information on the agenda of this year’s convention, or still need to register, you can do so here:

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