by John Francis

What Does Your Headquarters Say About Your Business?

Apr 30, 2016 2:42:46 PM Franchisors

Barbers HQ office

There is a franchise company here in Minneapolis called Anytime Fitness that recently announced the opening of its new headquarters – a beautiful building that represents a huge step forward for the business.  Reading this news reminded me of my father, and when he purchased a building to serve as the headquarters for The Barbers / Cost Cutters / City Looks – a decision that not only gave the company credibility, but inspired confidence in our employees, franchisees and vendors.

It occurred to me that Anytime Fitness was achieving the same credibility and prominence that my Dad had back in the ‘70’s…though on a much larger and faster scale. A few of my clients are having similar results, as well:

  • Big Frog has just expanded their headquarters in Florida and built out new offices and training facilities they’re using to improve their franchise development process.
  • Sports Clips in Texas has recently expanded their multi-building campus to add additional offices, training rooms and showrooms in anticipation of future growth, with more to come.
  • Office Pride in Florida has expanded their office and opened a new training center for their franchisees. This allows them to demonstrate their commitment to - and improve capacity for - training franchise owners.


The point here, is that where a franchise company headquarters conducts business, is often just as important as the business itself - it makes a difference.  By owning or leasing an impressive headquarters building, franchisors demonstrate their commitment to themselves, their brand, their people, and their franchisees - it becomes part of the culture.

As you think about the future of your own organization, take a look at where you’re doing business and how you’re being represented in the community.  By making an investment in this physical part of the business, you could be developing a strategy for improved culture, long-term growth and equity building.

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John Francis

Written by John Francis

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